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CVS update: /leo/plugins/cleo.py

Author terry_n_brown
Full name Terry Brown
Date 2006-09-29 10:27:14 PDT
Message User: terry_n_brown
Date: 2006-09-29 10:27:14-0700
 Issue number:
 Submitted by: Terry Brown
 Edited docstring to point to online docs.

File Changes:

Directory: /leo/plugins/

File [changed]: cleo.py
Url: http://leo.tigris.or​g/source/browse/leo/​plugins/cleo.py?r1=1​.4&r2=1.5
Delta lines: +11 -13
--- cleo.py 2006-09-28 09:25:18-0700 1.4
+++ cleo.py 2006-09-29 10:27:12-0700 1.5
@@ -4,24 +4,22 @@
 #@+node:tbrown.20060​903211930:<< docstring >>
 '''cleo.py -- Coloured LEo Outlines
-Cleo allows you to annotate or colour leo outlines based on priority, code
-archetype, node types or some arbitary criteria. The annotations and colour
-coding can play a similar role like that of syntax highlighting. Right-click on
-the icon area to popup its menu to play with it.
+Cleo adds time required, progress and priority settings for nodes.
+It also allows you to colour nodes. With the @project tag a
+branch can display progress and time required with dynamic updates.
-@settings for priority arrow colours:
- @color cleo_color_pri_1 = pink
- @color cleo_color_pri_2 = #123abc
- etc.
- @color cleo_color_prog_red = orange
- @color cleo_color_prog_green = blue
- (these last two for colour blind friendly progress bars)
+ http://leo.zwiki.org/Cleo
+ and
+ http://leo.zwiki.org​/cleodoc.html
+for full documentation.
 User colours that exist on a node but not on the colour list
 can be restored to the colour list by right clicking on the
 node's icon box (this also displays the cleo menu).
-Requires Leo 4.2a3 or greater, as it uses new drawing hooks.
 #@-node:tbrown.20060​903211930:<< docstring >>

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CVS update: /leo/plugins/cleo.py terry_n_brown Terry Brown 2006-09-29 10:27:14 PDT
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