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CVS update: /leo/config/leoSettings.leo

Author vivainio
Full name Ville M. Vainio
Date 2008-02-14 08:13:39 PST
Message User: vivainio
Date: 2008-02-14 08:13:39-0800
 remove ipython plugin @settings

File Changes:

Directory: /leo/config/

File [changed]: leoSettings.leo
Url: http://leo.tigris.or​g/source/browse/leo/​config/leoSettings.l​eo?r1=1.220&r2=1​.221
Delta lines: +4 -30
--- leoSettings.leo 2008-02-14 07:03:19-0800 1.220
+++ leoSettings.leo 2008-02-14 08:13:37-0800 1.221
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 <leo_header file_format="2" tnodes="0" max_tnode_index="0" clone_windows="0"/>
 <globals body_outline_ratio="​0.477886977887">
- <global_window_position top="161" left="396" height="616" width="864"/>
+ <global_window_position top="141" left="490" height="616" width="864"/>
     <global_log_window_position top="0" left="0" height="0" width="0"/>
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@
 <v t="ekr.20041213105007" a="E" annotate="7d71002e"​><vh>Fonts​</vh>
 <v t="ekr.2004111903435​7.45"><vh>@​font body text font</vh></v>
-<v t="ekr.20070919125633" a="TV"><vh>@font button font</vh></v>
+<v t="ekr.2007091912563​3"><vh>@fon​t button font</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2004121310550​8"><vh>@fon​t log font</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2006070210025​7"><vh>@fon​t menu text font</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2004111905124​6.4"><vh>@f​ont outline font</vh></v>
@@ -1073,7 +1073,7 @@
-<v t="ekr.20051123100536" annotate="7d71002e"​><vh>Plugins​</vh>
+<v t="ekr.20051123100536" a="E" annotate="7d71002e"​><vh>Plugins​</vh>
 <v t="ekr.2007041707124​9"><vh>@boo​l trace_plugins = False</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2004111903435​7.13"><vh>@​bool use_plugins = True</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2007111308433​0"><vh>@boo​l warn_when_plugins_fail_to_load = True</vh></v>
@@ -1091,16 +1091,10 @@
 <v t="ekr.2006080710322​0.10"><vh>@​bool datenodes_year_node_​omit_saturdays = True</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2006080710322​0.11"><vh>@​bool datenodes_year_node_​omit_sundays = True</vh></v>
-<v t="ekr.2006011109132​4"><vh>fast​gotonode plugin</vh>
+<v t="ekr.20060111091324" a="TV"><vh>​fastgotonode plugin</vh>
 <v t="ekr.2006011109132​4.1"><vh>@b​ool fastgotonode_useKeyBinding = True</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2006011109132​4.2"><vh>@s​tring fastgotonode_binding = Shift-space</vh​></v>
-<v t="ekr.2008020510384​9"><vh>ipyt​hon</vh>
-<v t="ekr.2008020510384​9.1"><vh>@s​tring ipython-interface-object-name = leox</vh></v>
-<v t="ekr.2008020510401​6"><vh>@str​ing ipython-results-node-headline = @ipython-results<​/vh></v>
-<v t="ekr.2008020510412​7"><vh>@dat​a ipython-bridge-start​up-script</vh>​</v>
-<v t="ekr.2008020510412​7.1"><vh>@d​ata ipython-bridge-auto-​open-leo-files</v​h></v>
 <v t="ekr.2006010911504​6"><vh>libr​ary plugin</vh>
 <v t="ekr.2006010911504​6.1"><vh>@b​ool library_verbose = True</vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2006010911504​6.2"><vh>@s​tring library_lib = default</vh></v>
@@ -8577,26 +8571,6 @@
 get-ipython-results = Alt-6
 push-to-ipython = Alt-i
-<t tx="ekr.200802051038​49"></t>
-<t tx="ekr.20080205103849.1"># An official setting supported by the ipython plugin.
-# This is the name of the interfaceObject injected into the IPython namespace
-# by the start-ipython command.</t>
-<t tx="ekr.20080205104016"># An official setting supported by the ipython plugin.
-# This is the headline of the "results node" the node whose
-# children are accessed by the leo.results object.
-<t tx="ekr.20080205104127"># This is an **unofficial** setting, not directly supported by the ipython plugin.
-# The body text contains a script to be executed at startup time.
-print 'this is the ipython-bridge-start​up-script'</t>​
-<t tx="ekr.20080205104127.1"># This is an **unofficial** setting, not directly supported by the ipython plugin.
-# The body text contains a list of .leo files to be opened automatically at startup time.
-# File names are given relative to g.app.loadDir, that is, relative to the leo/src directory
 <t tx="ekr.20080212084020">The encoding used for files imported by @auto if no @encoding directive is in effect.
 Default is UTF-8 (case not important).</t>
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