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CVS update: /leo/doc/LeoDocs.leo

Author plumloco
Full name Robert Ledger
Date 2008-01-12 05:37:16 PST
Message User: plumloco
Date: 2008-01-12 05:37:16-0800
 Added notes in Plugins chapter for gtkDialogs, __wx_alt_gui, and updated entry for leo_to_html

File Changes:

Directory: /leo/doc/

File [changed]: LeoDocs.leo
Url: http://leo.tigris.or​g/source/browse/leo/​doc/LeoDocs.leo?r1=1​.191&r2=1.192
Delta lines: +40 -9
--- LeoDocs.leo 2008-01-09 05:48:28-0800 1.191
+++ LeoDocs.leo 2008-01-12 05:37:13-0800 1.192
@@ -533,6 +533,9 @@
 <v t="ekr.2005091212573​5.225"><vh>​templates.py</vh​></v>
 <v t="ekr.2006092820122​7"><vh>word​_cound.py</vh>​</v>
+<v t="bob.2008011021421​7"><vh>Dial​ogs</vh>
+<v t="bob.2008011021421​7.1"><vh>gt​kDialogs</vh>​</v>
 <v t="ekr.2005091212573​5.334"><vh>​Debugging &amp; testing</vh>
 <v t="ekr.2005091212573​5.335"><vh>​failed_import.py<​/vh></v>
 <v t="ekr.2005091212573​5.336"><vh>​dump_globals.py</​vh></v>
@@ -560,6 +563,9 @@
 <v t="ekr.2006092820020​7.2"><vh>le​oToHTML</vh>​</v>
 <v t="ekr.2006092820020​7.3"><vh>le​oOPML</vh><​/v>
+<v t="bob.2008011022120​3"><vh>Guis​</vh>
+<v t="bob.2008011022120​3.1"><vh>__​wx_alt_gui.py</vh​></v>
 <v t="ekr.2005091212573​5.980"><vh>​Icon and status areas</vh>
 <v t="ekr.2006060111250​2"><vh>chap​ter_hoist.py</vh​></v>
 <v t="ekr.2005091212573​5.981"><vh>​nav_buttons.py</v​h></v>
@@ -5645,6 +5651,25 @@
 <t tx="EKR.200406280952​13.513"></t​>
 <t tx="EKR.200406281005​35">@killcolor​</t>
 <t tx="EKR.200406281005​35.1"></t>
+<t tx="bob.200801102142​17"></t>
+<t tx="bob.200801102142​17.1">gtkDialogs replaces Tk's file dialogs with Gtk file chooser dialogs.
+The plugin is aimed mainly at Linux users with pyGtk installed on their systems,
+but it should work on on any system that support Gtk2 and pyGtk.
+<t tx="bob.200801102212​03"></t>
+<t tx="bob.200801102212​03.1">This plugin allows wxPython to be used as leo's gui instead of TK.
+It is a prototype under development and so does not have all the features of Tk
+leo nor are there many plugins compatible with it yet.
+It is mainly being developed for Linux at the moment, but attempts are being
+made to keep it working on Windows as well.
+Work on this project has now halted in favour of a gtkLeo plugin.
 <t tx="edream.110203163​054.46">@nocolor​</t>
 <t tx="edream.110203163​054.48">@ @rst-options
@@ -28585,18 +28610,24 @@
 The default export path is also stored in the INI file. By default, it's set to c:\ so
 you may need to modify it depending on your system.</t>
-<t tx="ekr.200609282002​07.2">This plugin takes an outline stored in LEO and outputs it as an HTML file. The outline
-is output as either a set of headings or an unordered list.
+<t tx="ekr.200609282002​07.2">This plugin takes an outline stored in LEO and converts it to html which is
+then either saved in a file or shown in a browser.
-If this plug-in loads properly, you should have an "Outline to HTML"
-option added to your File &gt; Export... menu in Leo.
+The outline can be represented as a bullet list, a numbered list or using html
+&lt;h?&gt; type headings. Optionally, the body text may be included in the output.
-Settings such as outputting just the headlines (vs. headlines &amp; body text) and whether
-to include or ignore the contents of @file nodes are stored in the html_export.ini file
-in your Leo\plugins folder.
+If desired, only the current node will be included in the output rather than
+the entire outline.
-The default export path is also stored in the INI file. By default, it's set to c:\ so
-you may need to modify it depending on your system.</t>
+An xhtml header may be included in the output, in which case the generated html
+will be valid XHTML 1.0 Strict.
+The plugin is fully scriptable as all its functionality is available through a
+Leo_to_HTML object which can be imported and used in scripts.
+Several commands and menu items are provided to give easy access to the plugins
+various features and options may be set via leo_to_html.ini file and the plugins
+properties dialog.</t>
 <t tx="ekr.200609282002​07.3">This plugin reads and writes Leo outlines in .opml (http://en.wikipedia.​org/wiki/OPML) format.
 The OPML plugin creates two new commands that read and write Leo outlines in OPML format.

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CVS update: /leo/doc/LeoDocs.leo plumloco Robert Ledger 2008-01-12 05:37:16 PST
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